We Love Our Customers!

When you buy lens finishing equipment from Santinelli International, your satisfaction is our prime concern. We continuously strive to give you the best Customer Service possible.


I am writing this to express my extreme satisfaction with not only my newly purchased Lex 1000 edging system but also our previous two Santinelli edgers. Both edgers were in daily use (one for 21 years, the other for 12) with only minimal maintenance and parts cost.

Despite having such positive experiences it was truly an open competition with several other competing edger manufacturers. Having extensive experience in large volume lab environments, I was not an easy sell and put numerous machines through their paces before ultimately deciding on Santinelli once again.

Now that I have had the new machine for about two months I would definitely recommend the Lex to colleagues. I look forward to my next edger purchase in the year 2024!

Robert F. Bouchard, Clompus, Reto & Halscheid Vision Associates, West Chester, PA

We’ve been very pleased with our edger. We’ve been able to offer faster service to our patients, improve quality control, and lowered our cost of goods significantly.

Andrew Franken, Vision Care Associates

For each of us, we have our favorite brands whose core values resonate in a personal way with our own. For me it is Audi, BMW, Bang & Olufsen, SE Shires, amongst others. I am proud to say I include Santinelli International and their nonpareil commitment to quality products and unmatched personalized service in my top five brands.

Barry Santini, Long Island Opticians

The quality of products and the support we receive from Santinelli is unsurpassed. Their customer service is the standard by which all others ought to be judged.

Rand Smith, eyeSmith

We love it. It’s so easy to operate, with very consistent results. I have thirty five years in the optical business and it is the best equipment I have ever used.

Kurt Shalkowski, Zionsville Eyecare

Santinelli made the entire process easy, from a no obligation, in-office trial, to installation and training, and then to support on the few occasions we needed it. The day to day usage couldn’t be easier.  The equipment makes edging lenses clean and easy, and allows us to provide immediate single vision service and using the patients own frame.

Steven Rosen, Rosen Optometry

We put our finishing lab together and purchased Santinelli equipment in 2009.  We have had excellent experiences in every way with Santinelli.  Everything from telephone to sales to service to field service technicians, it is clear Santinelli is very serious about quality, customer service and satisfaction.  We are very satisfied customers!

Jeffrey Bieter, Bieter Eye Center

You’re the best in the business. Every time I call I am treated like an old friend. When advice is given by the support team it is backed with experience and knowledge of the equipment in question. I am always encouraged to call back with any questions. I’ve never once hung up without hearing “Thanks for your business.”

John Hamm, Triad Eye Associates

Our Santinelli edging equipment has helped us earn additional patients through the ability to expedite orders with complete quality and precision.

Frank Gimbel, Gimbel Eye Associates

Products and service are always top notch. Technicians out in the field and in-house are always willing to go the extra mile to answer any questions regarding machine maintenance and/or troubleshoot problems with a simple phone repair. If an on site visit is required it is always  scheduled as soon as possible, keeping down time to a minimum.

Karen Ann Yanchus, Eye Care Specialists

There is no question as to the excellent quality of the equipment distributed by Santinelli, what sets them apart is their unsurpassed commitment to customer service and technical expertise.

Greg Blackwell, Pinnacle Optical

We find that the finished lens is edged better, our service is faster and we are making more profit.  We have not had any service issues with the edger in four years of ownership.  What is not to like?

L. Bruce Mebine, L. Bruce Mebine, OD

Our experience with your company has been superb.  From our introduction at Vision Expo, set up and training, your accounting department, and after-purchase support, we could not be happier with our decision to purchase Santinelli.  The product is top-notch and so user-friendly that our teenaged son cuts perfect lenses.

Rand Smith, eyeSmithSport & Fashion Optical

One of the best equipment acquisitions we’ve added in our practice in terms of patient service and return on our investment.

Dr. James Haines, Zionsville Eyecare

We love our new Santinelli! As a new practice, we have already noticed a better ability to help our patients. Same day service and less expensive lab bills have improved our customer satisfaction and lowered our costs already!

Kellee Bertsch, Today’s Vision

I’ve been very satisfied with your products for over 30 years. The final finish has been impeccable ever since I began using your line of outstanding products. I will continue to remain a loyal customer for many more years.

Anthony Russ, Marsha Optical Corp.

I have not regretted for one day purchasing the Santinelli edger I bought 3½ years ago. Santinelli has delivered on the promise of ease of use and high quality…I highly recommend your product!

Troy S. Hockemeyer, O.D., Hockemeyer Family Eye Care

I love my ME-1000! Best investment the office ever made!

Jeromy McTague, Mountain View Eyecare

I have been an optician for years and now an optometrist.  Santinelli machines have been and are still the best on the market.  I have been using for years.  Very dependable, accurate and precise.  Also, the machines are very easy to train new staff.  I highly recommend Santinelli without a doubt.

Eric Helwig, North Georgia Eyecare

Easy to use, reliable, accurate.  Brilliant!

Alan Upchurch, Alpha Optical

Easiest, quickest and most productive finishing edger I have used in the 40 years our family has been making eye glasses.

David Adams, Adams Fashion Optical

You were the only edger supplier who said “yes” to a demo model immediately without any obligation on our part…we were eventually able to get a second company to agree to this after much pushing.  We took our time to evaluate how each machine functioned for our needs and Santinelli won out..it was a no brainer!

Bev Rouleau, International Optique

This is our very first experience with an edger of any kind.  We have picked up very quickly and been extremely satisfied with the outcome of our lenses.  We found that any errors that have occurred are most likely human error.  We appreciate your time and patience in this ongoing process for us. Thank you!

Michael Hampton, Eye Care Associates of Yukon

The impact on my practice has been more beneficial than I expected.

James Sanderson, O.D., James R. Sanderson, OD, PC

I have used many other edgers in my career, I have found my Santinelli to be the most problem free, consistent lens to lens edger I have used.

David Perkins, The Eye Center Inc.

An excellent overall customer service experience, coupled with extremely high-quality products make it a pleasure to do business with Santinelli.

Greg Blackwell, Pinnacle Optical

In my 60 years of experience with edgers, this Santinelli edger has been the best!

George Alvarado, Glenview Optical

The ME-1200 is the best edger made and we are now doing work that the MEI cannot touch in finish quality.  When you need it to look perfect and have anyone be able to operate the equipment, there is only one choice and I am glad after 6+ years we purchased another ME. Thanks for all the support over the past 7 years.

Craig Chasnov, Eyetopian

The edger works quickly and accurately. It was easy for my staff to learn and use. I love it!

Dr. Jed Winder, Tooele Vision Center

Terrific machine; can cut jobs while I examine patients saving a lot of time!

Dr. Robert Davidowitz, RJR Optical

Santinelli edgers are always reliable and do a beautiful job on all lens materials.  They help to expedite turnaround time which helps cash flow.  I am now on my third Santinelli edger and they get better every time.

Paul Stone, Optical Concepts

I am very satisfied with the performance of my edger and the extra things it is capable of, like being able to polish edges with the press of a button.

Carolyn Huffine, Groat Eyecare Assoc. P.A.

I have got to say that I am both impressed and pleased with the performance and speed my edger and my sales rep give me!

Dr. Chip Wills, Dr. Wills O.D.

My Santinelli edgers have put two kids through college, bought their first cars, gave them their first job skills, and paid for one wedding. They also kept my business afloat during some turbulent times. My lens edger from Santinelli didn’t just make lenses, it made me money.

Sharon Branigan, Branigan Optical

You guys are doing a great job with your products, I am so grateful Santinelli is around. Keep up the great work that you do.

Sean Leal, Eyecare Associates of Humble

Working with your sales and technical staff has always been a store of knowledge. Great problem solvers. And, your on-line videos are extremely helpful.

Jay Mosner, Nova Southeastern University, The Eye Care Institute

The quick and easy addition of the edger under the VSP IOF program is giving us the opportunity to expand our practice and really be hands-on with the products we offer our patients.  The staff has found it very easy to use and the financial impact has been nothing but positive.

Dr. Leonilo Torio, South City Optometry

I have been in this business for 24 years and the Santinelli edger has been the BEST purchase I have ever made. This edger’s precision and simplicity have allowed me to operate my lab with the utmost confidence and accuracy. I thank you for minimizing stress and maximizing quality of the product.

Michael Chris, Michael C’s Optical

I really enjoy telling patients that I can process their lenses with super-hydrophobic and anti-reflective coatings in-house. It creates a real wow factor for the patient, and they appreciate the convenience of being able to get a complete pair of glasses all in one place.

Harold Weare, Jambor & Associates, Inc.

Excellent prompt reliable service, just like my edger.

Paul Lin, Antelope Valley Family Optometry

We hadn’t been finishing our own lenses, but with the changes in VSP’s program allowing in-office edging, we decided it would be an advantage to us. Patient satisfaction is higher when we can return finished eyeglasses more quickly. In addition, it’s something we can offer for emergencies for those patients who just broke their eyeglasses. It makes us more competitive with the corporate locations that offer eyeglasses in an hour.

Christopher J. Hey, OD, of Denver

This is the best edger made. Two or three of my friends bought the other guy’s edgers. They have broken down and I have done their work for them for weeks at a time.

Harold G. Card III, Card’s Opticians Inc.

We have had three generations of Santinelli edgers through the years and have found that they are the ‘workhorses’ of our lab.  The service and technical support departments have always responded to our needs quickly and solved our issues to our satisfaction.  Santinelli has helped our lab to work at maximum efficiency with state of the art equipment, service and support.

Jeff Sears, Tri State Vision

I’ve been an optician for almost 25 years and have had the opportunity to work with many top name edgers. Out of all the edgers I’ve used, my Santinelli beats the competitors in design, price, ease of use, performance and quality of work it puts out. The service is friendly, knowledgeable, professional and most of all, reliable. I will continue to recommend Santinelli.

David A. Wilson, Clay Street Eyecare

My Santinelli edger has been great.  The best one I’ve ever owned in my 25 years of edging.  I’m passing the word along to my colleagues.

Neil B. Gailmard, OD; President, Gailmard Consulting

I made the decision to purchase my Santinelli equipment based on the reputation of quality the company has.  I continue to use the equipment due to the great service and quick answers I get.

Annette Prevaux, The Visionary

I tell everyone how great my edger is and recommend it highly, keep up the great work!

Jay Maxwell, Eola Eyes

Have only the highest respect for the Santinelli edger, service department and response to any problems.

Steven Agin OD, Eyes on Broadway

Our Santinelli lens edger is very dependable and I would stay with Santinelli for our next purchase.

Matt Fulmer LDO ABOC NCLE, Augusta Eye M.D.

I don’t think there is any piece of equipment that exists that doesn’t have issues. However we have had our Santinelli for 10 years and it is still going strong.  The repairs and tune-ups with your company have been hassle free and easy.  We will buy another Santinelli in the future.

Vicki L Chenarides, East Fishkill Eye Associates

We have been very satisfied with the purchase of our Santinelli edger.  The equipment has done everything we were expecting it to do.  Our interactions with the technical support personnel have been great. In fact the only experience we have had was for routine care of our edger and to get software upgrades.

Mark Fisher, Lifetime Eyecare

We’ve really enjoyed our Santinelli edger. We have had it for quite a few years now and have only had to make minimal repairs on it, most of which we were able to do by ourselves talking to one of the reps on the phone. And have only had to replace small parts that get a lot of use. We have been really happy with the quality of our Santinelli edger, and will surely buy from you again. Thanks!

Jake Peterson, Family Vision Care

I am quite surprised of the dependability of this machine. I very seldom have a problem with it. I’ve learned to use the dummy lenses in the new frames for my edging shape. Easy to operate and to clean. This edger has been through two hurricanes: RITA in 2005 and IKE in 2008. It started it up right away – it kept going.

Annese McBryde, Dr. Davis and Reeves Texas State Optical M/C

We have always found Santinelli edgers to be dependable.  We appreciate the technical advances that come with each new unit.

Wayne Delaney, Wheaton Eye Clinic

By far, the best edger I have ever used!

Vladimir G Cordero, Focus Eye Health & Vision Care

Overall, we’ve been completely satisfied with our edger. Thanks for making quality equipment.

Barbara Powers CPT, Family Vision Center

This was the second time we purchased a Santinelli edger. We love the new edger that we just purchased. Thanks!!

Karrie Miller, Ennen Eye Center

Your edger is great – I’ve used it for many years. It is simple to operate doesn’t have problems. You have a great product!

Elida Villarreal, Eye Care Associates of Texas, P.A.

We have been using a Santinelli edger for the past 12 years and have just replaced it with a newer one.  You offer a very reliable edger that is easy to use and has great technical support.  We are very happy with your product!

Lois Lenz, Lenz Optical Co.

We have been using Santinelli since 1993. I could not consider using any other edger!

Jeff Bell, Wake Forest Family Eye Care

I have been extremely happy with everything Santinelli has provided us.  This edger is very simple and fast.  We have cut down on our edging time tremendously which has saved my overall overhead (staff time, remakes, etc).  I have recommended Santinelli to several of my colleagues.  I will buy nothing but Santinelli for my lab!!

Eric Helwig, North Georgia Eyecare

Wouldn’t have any other edger!

Marilyn Hester, Marilyn’s Optical Shop