Benefits for ECPs

Click to play the video above and see how in-office finishing can benefit your practice!

You meticulously examine your patients with high-technology refracting equipment. You dispense the finest selection of eyewear reflecting the quality of our practice. You invest in marketing your practice and services.

But are you finishing what you started? In-Office Finishing completes your overall practice proposition. Maintain the integrity of your exam through the delivery by dispensing eyewear with the industry’s highest-rated equipment. Complete satisfaction for you and your patients – from start to finish.

Without a doubt, there are significant profits to be made by installing an in-office finishing lab (see sample profit analysis below). But there are other major factors to consider as well:

  • Improves capture rate

  • Improves staff confidence

  • Increases use of premium products/ASP

  • Improves efficiencies

  • Improves eyeglass turn-around

  • Increases referrals

  • Differentiates from your competition


Click here to Customize your own LE-700 Lens Edger Profit Analysis