AES-2200 Robotic Edging System

The new AES-2200 Robotic Edging System has unlimited production potential. This unique automation system offers labs a high production platform which more than doubles the standard throughput of our previous robotic finishing offerings.

High Capability Edging

The AES-2200 features two “24/7” SE-9090 Supra industrial edgers, which feature in-chamber grooving and customizable shelf beveling capabilities, Additionally, the renowned high-base curve edging and custom beveling capabilities are incorporated into the edgers. 

High-Speed Processing

The system utilizes the RHU 2200 robotic handling unit, a unique hybrid design combination of conveyer belt and dynamic tray-lifting mechanism that eliminates job “bottle necking” and allows four jobs to be in a continuous state of production at all times. Moreover, the intelligent synchronization of the system is capable of bypassing any potentially problematic job tray, while keeping the other edger unit operating at full efficiency. Lightweight “dual robotic arms” reduce lens transport time from tray to chuck by over fifty percent.

Space Saving

The AES-2200 can be run in multiple system series provides the best jobs-per-square-foot ratio ever introduced. An average of 1,600 jobs in just 14 hours! For labs with looking to space-conscious floor designs, this compact unit is the ultimate solution.

Product Information