Click Mode™ Software

Click Mode™ software allows your Santinelli lens edger to further improve your bottom line by creating customized, magnetic Chemistrie™ Sunlenses for virtually any frame. By selling just four Chemistrie™ Sunlenses per week, you can increase your profits by more than $21,000 annually.

With the Click Mode™ software now available for our ME-1000, Me 1200, Me 900 and Lex 1000 Lens Edging Systems, you have several options to improve customer service, enhance patient satisfaction and increase profits.

High-tech, innovative Chemistrie™ Sunlenses provide your patients with an economical alternative to prescription sunwear. With a self-aligning fit, these polarized magnetic sunlenses eliminate the hassles and challenges associated with ready-made frame+clip-on sets.

Everything You Need

Santinelli edgers are the most popular edgers used by retailers and wholesale labs in the production of Chemistrie sunlenses. For ECPs, we offer the software as part of an exclusive Retail Success Kit, which provides you with everything you need to get started:

  • Lens Edger Click Mode™ software
  • Starter Kit – complete with supplies for 30 sets of Chemistrie™ Sunlenses
  • Special Assembly Tool Kit
  • Comprehensive, on-site manufacturer training, including Patient Selling Techniques, Click Mode™ Operation and Chemistrie™ Sunlens Assembly
  • Attractive tabletop P-O-P Display

Set your practice apart with Click Mode™ and Chemistrie™ Sunlenses

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