Ice 1000 Super Intelligent Blocker

The Ice 1000 Super Intelligent Blocker meets the demand for the most automated and precise blocking. The Ice 1000 can do everything necessary for processing today’s challenging lenses.

State-of-the-Art Optical Cameras

Measurement accuracy is at its highest level with the use of the latest, color optical camera. Lenses with weak power can be measured properly and progressive lenses can be detected automatically. Errors caused by prismatic effect are eliminated.

Lens Clamping Mechanism

The Ice 1000 features a unique lens clamp which secures the lens automatically. It enables the blocking of super-hydrophobic lenses without risk of shifting.

Integrated Shape Imager (ISI) with Hole Edit Function

The Ice 1000 accurately and automatically reads the perimeter of a demo lens and hole positions. On the touch panel, while viewing the super-imposed demo lens, verification of hole setting positions is easy and any changes can be made as images are enlarged on the display.

High-Performance Editing

The Ice 1000 has an array of editing functions which support Me 1200 operations, such as hole creation, Advanced Shape Editor, Design Cut, partial grooving, partial beveling, and faceting. Thumbnail images are shown in the data management display, which is helpful when searching for stored data.

Information Bar

Even first-time users can easily operate the Ice 1000 using the on-screen Information Bar which provides “next-step” operation.

Color-Coded Lens Identification

To aid the lens edging process, the display of the Ice 1000 utilizes a color-coding system to identify right and left lenses: green represents the right lens and red represents the left lens. Utilizing the colored blocks and following the color-prompted indicator on the display helps avoid processing the wrong lens.

Product Information