Le 1000 Express Lens Edger

The all-gear driven mechanisms of the Le 1000 Express Lens Edger provide a high level of accuracy and durability. The model has recently been upgraded providing a 20% faster processing cycle, yet with “whisper quiet” operation.

For Today’s Lenses

The Le 1000 Express features a Soft Grind Mode and chucking pressure stabilization which protects against crazing of super-hydrophobic A/R coated lenses and easily processes small “B” dimensions for the latest frame fashions. The Le 1000 Express precisely edges all of the newest lens materials, including Trivex and Polyurethane, and offers the company’s renowned Crystal Cut™ polish.

Extraordinary Accuracy

The Le 1000 “S” Express model is available with a high quality Safety Beveling and Grooving features. The grooving wheel’s small diameter has been set at an optimal twelve degree angle, resulting in pin-point accuracy of the groove even on high-base curve lenses.

High Precision 3-D On-Board Tracer

The Le 1000 incorporates a tracer into the main console, resulting in a small footprint. With its user-friendly design, the frame-setting position can be easily observed during the tracing process.


(Note: The LE 1000 “L”, devoid of Safety Beveling and Grooving, offers even further savings.)

Product Information


Overall, we’ve been completely satisfied with our edger. Thanks for making quality equipment!

Barbara Powers CPT, Family Vision Center