LE 1000 Lens Edger Series

The LE Lens Edger Series encompasses the company’s most affordable systems for entry-level and budget conscious eye care professionals.

The all-gear driven mechanisms of the Le 1000 Lens Edger provides a high level of accuracy and durability, along with “whisper quiet” operation. The unit can be paired with one of three blockers for your ideal configuration.

Le 1000 Lens Edger

  • Ultra-simple design
  • Soft Grind Mode
  • Stabilized chucking pressure
  • Small “B” processing (18.4mm w/optional mini block kit)
  • All-gear driven mechanisms
  • Safety Beveling (“S” Model)
  • Superior groove quality with “pin-point” accuracy (“S” Model)
  • All lens materials lens edging
  • Renowned Crystal Cut™ polish


with Ce 9 Manual Blocker

  • Ultra-simple design
  • Manual blocking of all lens types
  • Precise, clear scale with bifocal slide rule
  • Maintenance-free LED light
  • Adjustable light control for polarized/tinted lenses
  • Compact and stylish design


with ICE mini+ CAD Blocker

  • Advanced CAD blocking
  • 3-pin oscillating lens stage with lens retaining clamp
  • High resolution internal
  • Manual Integrated Shape Imager (ISI)
  • Advanced Shape Editor
  • Light diffuser for better viewing of a bifocal segment and lens edge for determining cut-out
  • Large, selectable, color LCD touch-screen
  • Automatic manual on-screen light intensity for better viewing of polarized lenses
  • Internal memory for traced data storage


with Ice 900 Advanced CAD Blocker

  • Advanced CAD blocking
  • Advanced, Auto Integrated Shape Imager (ISI)
  • On-Screen “Wizard Tutorial”
  • Advanced Shape Editor
  • Data management for storing, searching, and recalling of traced data
  • Fast, motorized lens blocking process
  • Large, tiltable, color LCD touch-screen
  • Stabilizing Lens Clamp with auto lens detection
  • Aero-nautical, color-coded block system
  • “Quick Jog” dials or touch-screen option

Product Information


This is the best edger made. Two or three of my friends bought the other guy’s edgers. They have broken down and I have done their work for them for weeks at a time.

Harold G. Card III, Card’s Opticians, Inc.