Less Stress II Drill

The LessStress II Drill is your key to controlling the quality, delivery and profits from the increasingly popular and lucrative rimless category. LessStress II is the highest precision instrument available with a long list of state-of-the-art features including:

  • Newly improved lens mounting system for faster, easier and more accurate drilling using blocked lenses
  • Blocked lenses from the edger are mounted and secured accurately — in one easy step
  • Unprecedented accuracy with digital coordinates readout in .05 mm. increments
  • Drill head tilt vs. lens tilt for perfect 90-degree angle to any lens base curve

  • Variable speed allows adjustments of drilling speed based on lens material
  • Extensive frame coordinate database available online
  • Unique demo lens duplication method offers alternative to using online frame coordinates
  • Attractive, lightweight, small footprint, European craftsmanship
  • Self-contained Xenon-colored lights offer precise viewing

Product Information