Lex 1000 (NT) Lens Edger

The Lex 1000 (NT) Lens Edger’s advanced technology enables labs to confidently handle even the most challenging jobs.

High Curves

The Lex 1000 (NT) has become renowned for its ability to edge high curve lenses for wrap-style frames due to its specially designed finishing wheel and patented process.

Precise Grooving

The unit provides superior groove quality with “pin-point” accuracy. The groove secures the lens flawlessly within the frame, virtually eliminating job redos and resulting in significant savings.

Click Mode Software

The Lex 1000 can be equipped with Click Mode™ softwaresoftware to create customizable, magnetic Chemistrie Sunlenses for virtually any frame. This technology automates the process and allows you to differentiate your practice and increase profits with the click of a button. Click ‘Video’ on the right sidebar to see the Click Mode™ software in action!

Today’s Lenses

The Lex 1000 was designed with an Advanced Soft Grind Mode to take on today’s advanced super-hydrophobic A/R coated lenses, maintaining axis to avoid slippage. For small “B” processing, the Lex 1000 can edge lenses with a narrow corridor of 15.5 mm.

Ease of Use

The Lex 1000 is a sleek, ergonomically designed edger which features Navigation Operation technology and a sensor status troubleshooting feature.

Drilling Add-On

Incorporate drilling with the addition of the compact Lex Drill which can interface seamlessly with the Lex 1000. This drill processes complex drilling jobs automatically, with extreme precision. The Lex Drill can easily process twin holes, rectangular holes, notches, jewel holes and countersunk holes automatically. With the Lex Drill, holes are drilled 90 degrees perpendicular to the front based curve of the lens automatically. Custom angling can be adjusted from 0 to 30 degrees.

Product Information