LEX Lens Edger Series

Our LEX Lens Edger Series features the highly intuitive Lex 1000 Lens Edger, engineered with the most advanced technology in its class. Its unique functions enable eyecare professionals to confidently handle even the most challenging jobs in-house to increase profits.

The feature-rich LEX Series offers seven different system configurations, representing the widest array of choices available in the industry.

Lex 1000 Lens Edger

  • Patented High Curve Processing with high level customization
  • Advanced Soft Grind Mode
  • Integrated Safety bevel
  • Advanced Stabilized chucking pressure
  • Superior groove quality with “pin-point” accuracy
  • Small “B” processing (15.5 mm)
  • Shape Editor
  • On-screen simulation for bevel/groove guidance
  • Information Bar with “next step” on-screen instructions
  • Optional “side car” 3-D drilling unit for rimless drill mounts
  • Optional Click Mode™ software (Click ‘Videos’ on the right sidebar to see the Click Mode™ software in action!)

Lex Drill (optional)

  • Slim, compact unit can fit into any small lab space
  • Handles complex drilling jobs automatically at the touch of a button
  • Whisper-quiet belt-driven drill
  • Advanced stabilized chucking pressure for hole location accuracy
  • Drills twin holes, rectangular holes, notches, jewel holes and countersunk holes automatically
  • Holes are drilled perpendicular to the front base curve
  • Custom drill angling can be adjusted from 0 to 30 degrees


with Ce 9 Manual Blocker

  • Ultra-simple design
  • Manual blocking of all lens types
  • Precise, clear scale with bifocal slide rule
  • Maintenance-free LED light
  • Adjustable light control for polarized/tinted lenses
  • Compact and stylish design


with ICE mini+ CAD Blocker

  • Advanced CAD blocking
  • 3-pin oscillating lens stage with lens retaining clamp
  • High resolution internal
  • Manual Integrated Shape Imager (ISI)
  • Advanced Shape Editor
  • Light diffuser for better viewing of a bifocal segment and lens edge for determining cut-out.
  • Large, selectable, color LCD touch-screen
  • Automatic manual on-screen light intensity for better viewing of polarized lenses
  • Internal memory for traced data storage


with Ice 900 Advanced CAD Blocker

  • Advanced CAD blocking
  • Advanced, Auto Integrated Shape Imager (ISI)
  • On-Screen “Wizard Tutorial”
  • Advanced Shape Editor
  • Data management for storing, searching, and recalling of traced data
  • Fast, motorized lens blocking process
  • Large, tiltable, color LCD touch-screen
  • Stabilizing Lens Clamp with auto lens detection
  • Aero-nautical, color-coded block system
  • “Quick Jog” dials or touch-screen option


with Ice 1000 Blocker

  • On-Board 3D Tracing
  • “Super Intelligent” Blocking
  • On-board Auto Lens Meter (ALM)
  • Advanced recognition of multifocal and progressive lenses
  • Integrated Shape Imager (ISI)
  • Multiple Detection Modes for Single Vision & Progressive Lenses
  • Auto Rotating Block Head
  • Rotational Block Adaptor
  • Large, color LCD touch-screen
  • On-Screen Information Bar with “next step” operation
  • LED Light Source
  • Auto Lens Clamp for stabilization while blocking
  • Specially designed lens stage

Product Information


I made the decision to purchase my Santinelli equipment based on the reputation of quality the company has. I continue to use the equipment due to the great service and quick answers I get.

Annette Prevaux, The Visionary