Me 900 Lens Edger

The new Me 900 is a streamlined, simplified and more economical version of our award-winning Me 1200 Multifunction Edger. The Me 900 offers the same superior quality and much of the same technology as its “big brother”, yet at a more economical cost-of-ownership.


The Me 900 features the industry-leading, patented High Curve function for easy processing of today’s popular fashion sunwear and sports frames. The unit also boasts 3-D Drilling, 3-D Grooving and Advanced Shape Editor functions. It includes Safety Beveling and is also available with Click Mode™ software for the manufacturing of Chemistrie™ Sunlenses. Click ‘Video’ on the right sidebar to see the Click Mode™ software in action!

Intelligent Use

The Me 900 features a Radius Measurement Unit (RMU) which measures the radius of the lens for proper cut-out and calculates “volume” of lens material to be removed. Then in automatically sets the advanced Soft Grind Mode in motion based on lens material selected. The unit’s BMW-style “Jog-Dial” operations provide ease-of-use and precision operation, as does the new graphic design color display.

Product Information


Overall, we’ve been completely satisfied with our edger. Thanks for making quality equipment!

Barbara Powers CPT, Family Vision Center