ME 1200 / ME 900 Lens Edger Series


The ME Lens Edger Series features our flagship Me 1200 Lens Edger and the new Me 900 Lens Edger. This series features the company’s most compact lens edgers with patented high base-curve lens processing, automatic 3-D drilling and 3-D grooving.

The Me 1200 is the world’s most feature-rich edger with high-tech functions such as step-beveling, design cut, faceting, advanced shape editing.

The Me 900 is the entry level model for the ME Series offering the same superior quality and much of the same technology as its “big brother”, yet at a more economical cost-of-ownership.

Me Lens Edger

  • Step beveling technology*
  • High Curve beveling
  • Partial beveling*
  • Automatic 3D drilling & grooving
  • Partial grooving*
  • Advanced Polish function
  • Design Cut*
  • Faceting* & jewel insets
  • Advanced Shape Editor
  • Advanced Soft Grind Mode 


  • Electronic Estimate System (EES)
  • Small “B” processing (15.5 mm with optional nano block kit)
  • Self-Adjusting System (SAS) “Wizard” technology*
  • BMW-style “Jog-Dial” operation
  • On-Screen 3D Simulation for bevel/guidance
  • Graphic design color display
  • Optional Click Mode™ software (Click ‘Videos’ on the right sidebar to see the Click Mode™ software in action!)

*Me 1200 only



with Ice 900 Advanced CAD Blocker

  • Advanced CAD blocking
  • Advanced, auto Integrated Shape Imager (ISI)
  • On-Screen “Wizard Tutorial”
  • Advanced Shape Editor
  • Data management for storing, searching, and recalling of traced data
  • Fast, motorized lens blocking process
  • Large, tiltable, color LCD touch-screen
  • Stabilizing lens clamp with auto lens detection
  • Aero-nautical, color-coded block system
  • “Quick Jog” dials or touch-screen option


and LT-980 Tracer

LT 980

  • Fully automatic operation
  • High Curve frame trace capability
  • Variable fulcrum stylus
  • 50% less stylus pressure to frame than previous models
  • Durable Tungsten-carbide stylus tip
  • 100% gear-driven three-axis assemblies


with Ice 1000 Blocker

  • On-Board 3D tracing
  • “Super Intelligent” blocking
  • On-board Auto Lens Meter (ALM)
  • Advanced recognition of multifocal and progressive lenses
  • Integrated Shape Imager (ISI)
  • Multi Detection Mode for single vision & progressive lenses
  • Auto rotating block head
  • Rotational block adaptor
  • Large, color LCD touch-screen
  • On-Screen Information Bar with “next step” operation
  • LED light source
  • Auto lens clamp for stabilization while blocking
  • Specially designed lens stage

Product Information


By far, the best edger I have ever used!

Vladimir G. Cordero, Focus Eye Health & Vision Care